Anxiety is my specialty!

Ask yourself these questions?

1. Would you like to spend more quality time with your loved ones without feeling distracted, irritated, or on edge?

2. Would you like to be more present in your mind and body so you can really enjoy the things you love?

3. For once would you like to communicate your needs and wants to others with confidence instead of feelings of regret?

4. Would you like to wake up every morning and genuinely feel happiness in your heart and be ready to take on your day?

Negative Thoughts & Barriers to treatment!

1. I'm not worth it. 

2. Life is supposed to be a struggle. 

3. I'm not ready. 

4. I put myself in this situation, I deserve to struggle or feel pain. 

5. I don't have time for therapy. 

6. I'm too tired. 

7. Traffic is too thick. 

8. I have too many other obligations. 

9. I'll never be able to fit it into my schedule. 

10. I'm just too tired. 

After Working with Me Using Mindfulness Modules!

1. You will learn how to use your anxiety to get stuff done. 

2. You will look forward to spending time with your loved ones. 

3. You will feel emotionally free, light, and genuinely happy. 

4. You will learn how to use mindfulness modules to make anxiety your ally instead of the enemy. 

5. You will wake up happy and ready to take on your goals and your day. 

6. You will be able to express your needs and wants freely without feelings of regret and without that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that make you feel sick. 

7. You will interact with a new found confidence and awareness that gives you joy. 

What's So Special About Our Services?

1. All of our services are online so they can happen anywhere as long as you have WiFi and a set of headphones. 

2. All of our session are custom to fit to your schedule. 

3. Of course you are working with an expert so all your goals and treatment plans are custom fit, quality, and unique to suit your needs. 

Benefits of Online Service

1. No sitting in traffic. 

2. You don't have to rush off anywhere. 

3. You can start your session right after your last meeting without leaving your location. 

4. Sessions are anonymous. 

SEE FAQ Page for more benefits. 

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