Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit From Online Therapy?

Online Therapy is an umbrella term for text, phone, video and e-mail therapy.  These therapy modalities are also known as Teletherapy.  Stretch Consulting uses HIPAA secure video technology to meet you face-to-face via video. It is the form of online therapy most similar to traditional therapy.  People may find teletherapy to be better than traditional therapy for a number of life circumstances.

College and Graduate Students: it may be ideal to maintain or revisit the same therapist who supported you through these formative years as you continue into the workforce and on through life.

Mobility Issues: online therapy may be more suitable for you if you have a physical disability or otherwise have difficulty with transportation to therapy.

Financial Issues: therapy is an investment of time and money into your well being. Adding the cost of an Uber, parking fees, gas and other associated travel fee adds an additional cost to attending therapy.  The money you save could be better invested into therapy sessions.

Social Anxiety: traveling to therapy can become overwhelming and prevent someone with social anxiety from receiving help. Online therapy may be the only option for some to receive the help they need.

Busy Schedule: Stretch Consulting maintains non-traditional hours of operation to accommodate clients.  Session can be scheduled as early as 6:00 am and as late as 10:00 pm weekdays and weekends by appointment only. Session lengths vary from 30 – 90 minutes. You can receive therapy on your 30 minute lunch break, right before your morning meeting or after your long evening of caring for your home and family has ended.

Families: getting everybody to the therapist’s office can be too difficult a weekly task due to tantrums and melt-downs combining with any of the above listed circumstances. Inviting therapy into your home can help provide an opportunity to receive help without additional stress.

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Important: TeleTherapy is not appropriate if you are in a crisis.  Please consider the following resources and traditional therapy in lieu of online therapy if you are in crisis at this time:

Please call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a medical or life-threatening emergency. Or call any of Crisis Lines below: 

Georgia Crisis and Access Line (NAMI Georgia):


Text Crisis Line:
Text 741741 from anywhere in the USA to text with a trained Crisis Counselor

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Self-Harm Hotline

Online Therapy is efficient at providing consistency with therapeutic care.

Online Therapy is efficient at providing consistency with therapeutic care. 

Benefits of Online Wellness Coaching

Reaching your goals through online therapy to crush symptoms of anxiety.

What Is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaches are health professional who not only target physical fitness but also mind and spirit in conjunction with overall lifestyle.

These health professionals have a great understanding of psychology as it relates to health. A wellness coach can help you set goals to improve many areas of your life such as diet, exercise, emotional health, and how to obtain better motivation to meet objectives. 

Just like having a sports coach, a wellness coach can guide you to what “plays” in life will help you achieve your aspirations.

Wellness coaches can also help you learn ways to prevent disease or live healthier with a disease you may suffer from.

Our wellness professionals can help you with anything from a diet and exercise regiment, meditation instruction, and making overall lifestyle changes. 

A wellness coach is known for their ability to help you discover the healthiest path and most affective path for meeting your goals. It is a partnership that is often much deeper than even a doctor/patient relationship.

The approach is very future driven and forces you the client to focus on future aims. People who had weight loss surgery for instance may benefit from working with a wellness coach to help change their overall lifestyle and habits which may have led to their obesity.

Why Online Wellness Coaching?

1. It saves you time. Meeting with your coach using video on your phone or computer you can connect anytime and don’t have to worry about traffic or scheduling issues. 

2. It achievable. Once you meet with your coach the first and come up with measurable goals it’s easier to see progress. Have you started your goals over so many times that you don’t have the energy to tackle it one more time. Well this is your last time because you will see measurable changes. 

3. It’s afforable. You can schedule a 30 minute session for a fraction of the cost that you pay a personal trainer or other health professional. 

What's The Difference Between Counseling & Coaching?

It is important to note the difference between counseling and coaching. Here at Stretch Consulting, I provide counseling for individuals who have already been diagnosed with things such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, or Adjustment Disorder and are not currently in crisis.  Crisis meaning that you are having mental breakdown and need to go to mental health hospital or start medication regime with Psychiatrist.  All other services are coaching. Those who receive coaching do not have a mental health disorder. They are typically healthy and successful individuals who need some help getting "unstuck" in an area. If you haven't been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depressio, or Adjustment Disorder or other mental health disorders and typically just have issues with fear and worry, coaching is for you. If you have been previously diagnosed with Anxiety, Depressio, or Adjustment Disorder or other mental health disorders and want some help overcoming it and getting to a healthy place, counseling is for you!

How Does Online Counseling or Coaching Work?

Once your 20 minute consultation is scheduled you will receive an email confirming your appointment. At the time of the scheduled consultation you will receive a phone call from me. Once your follow up counseling or coaching session is booked, you will then receive forms for signature via email. At the time of the appointment you will receive a link to my secure online video session waiting room via or zoom. It is important that during the time of your session you are in a quiet, private, comfortable environment. Sessions can be held from your phone, tablet, or computer!

How Much Are Sessions?

 All sessions 50 minute therapy sessions are $200.  Payments are made prior to each session via the online portal.  A credit or debit card is required to secure your appointment prior to appointment date.  Go to Fee Page for more info on fees. 

What Is My Cancellation Policy?

Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled  session. If the session is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time, clients will be charged the full fee for the session.