Office Sessions

Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—five minutes or more per pose is typical. It restores the body's natural form through mild stretching using various props to promote comfort. This helps to relieve the muscles and joints of any tension that may have been held due to emotional stress.


Yoga Therapy

 Yoga Therapy is a specialized treatment for adventurous individuals excited about healing symptoms related to anxiety, depression, postpartum, or trauma. It includes a combination of physical movement, mindfulness meditation, and talk therapy to bring balance to mind and body. During the session the therapist assists with guiding the client using mindfulness meditation, and breath work while practicing a series of slow paced yin yoga movements to promote mental and physical relaxation.  Towards the end of the session the therapist will assist client with processing emotions that surfaced during session.  No prior knowledge of yoga needed, beginners welcomed.


Talk Therapy

 Talk therapy is a traditional form of counseling used to address life stress and assist individuals with learning healthy coping skills. Using Cognitive Behavioral , Mindfulness, and/or Solution Focused Therapy the therapist will assist client with going deeper to find effective solutions to dealing with life stress.


Online Sessions


Online Wellness Coaching

 On-Line Wellness Coach will assist client via phone or video consultation with achieving measurable goals related to healthy well-being. As a  Wellness Coach we will help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health. We guide clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals. 


Online Talk Therapy

Counseling session that happens in front of your computer, tablet, or phone screen. This talk therapy session is very effective for individuals that have a long commute or just don't want to miss therapy session when they are out of town. The session happens via secure HIPPA compliant video.  For more info on related to On-Line Therapy visit FAQ Section.


Online Anger Management

Anger Management session taught by Certified Anger Management Specialist at the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone screen.  Certificate furnished upon completion of all required court-ordered sessions.  The session happens via secure HIPPA compliant video.  



Corporate Wellness

On site workshop that includes a specialized combination of  Yin Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness, and Breath Work specifically formulated to relieve work related stress. 


Kid Wellness

A Yoga Course specifically formulated for kids that includes yoga, meditation, mindfulness, & breath work to assist with reducing symptoms related to anxiety, peer pressure, and stress. 


Sleep Wellness

This a workshop specifically formulated for individuals that struggle with insomnia, sleep disorder, or any other issues that interrupt healthy sleep cycles. This workshop uses slow-paced yoga movements,  Meditation , breath work, and Mindfulness, and psychoeducation to assist with learning healthy sleep patterns.