Naeisha Jones, LCSW, CYT, CAMS

 Naeisha Jones is a Georgia based Licensed Clinical Social Worker + Certified Yoga Teacher + Wellness Coach. Since childhood Naeisha’s highly intuitive nature has always drawn friends and family to seek her advice.  Her sensitivity and compassion for others naturally led her seek a life in the helping profession. Years of selflessly pursuing her passion as a therapist in community mental health and hospital settings without a consistent self-care routine turned into burn out.  Her burn out in the mental health field led her to yoga and the creation of Stretch Consulting as a means to develop a healthy mind body connection, balance, and wellness. Using this holistic approach in her own life she is very passionate about teaching others how to use these tools to be successful in theirs. Naeisha’s extensive therapeutic background and yogic studies blended together well to create her unique holistic approach to mind-body-spirit wellness. 

The implementation of mindfulness yoga + counseling came through the natural evolution of her practice and her work with her clients. She practiced mindfulness + meditation + yoga to de-stress from her work week while also using these tools as therapeutic techniques to assist her clients in finding effective relief for anxiety, depression, and trauma. Providing all of her services online gives the busy, modern individual access to this holistic practice in an innovative way. Her significant attention to detail along with the harmony + balance of alignment allows her to pay special attention to the subtle flows of energy in both the mind-body-spirit set her apart in the field of mental health. 

Naeisha is a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of University of California Santa Barbara where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology + African-American Studies. She is also an Alumni of the University of Georgia where she earned her Master’s in Social Work.  As a wife + a mother of two actively involved children, advent volunteer in her community and church, and business owner she is constantly developing creative ways for individuals to conveniently discover work-life-play balance from the comfort of their own homes.  As she shares the practice of mindfulness, she hopes to cultivate a deeper mind-body-spirit connection that her clients can conveniently access at their fingertips. 

Naeisha is very passionate about social justice, community service, and work-life balance. She believes that work-life-play balance is directly related to your perception of happiness and can be achieved by creating a life that is equal parts challenging, fulfilling, and supportive. In addition to her work-life you can find Naeisha reading her favorite book, listening to her favorite podcasts, teaching in her church’s youth ministry, participating in community service projects with her sorority sisters, traveling with her family, shopping at a local boutique, watching a romantic comedy on Netflix, or on the phone catching up with her best friends. 

Naeisha’s best work includes: 

· Providing online therapy with clients one-on-one 

· Providing holistic life-work-play balance through Monthly Mindfulness Services 

· Partnering with holistic practitioners in community to educate groups about mind-body-spirit wellness through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. 

 All Therapeutic Services are contracted through Life Skills Community Center.